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The Netherlands is among the top 5 countries in the world when it comes to digital economies. Many households own a computer, tablet and a smartphone, and our mobile network is very well developed. Almost all Dutch companies work online and our internet servers are the most secure in the world. Our position is therefore very strong. ICT and the internet have become the driving forces for innovative products and services, and therefore for economic growth.

From agriculture to health care, education, logistics or science, not a single sector can work without the use of ICT. Every (top)sector is aware of the ICT-challenges they face. However, there are also many cross connections. A successful application of an ICT-solution in one sector can also be applied to another.

The goal of dutch digital delta is to use those cross connections and to turn them into opportunities. When used more resourcefully, we are able to fully capitalize on the innovations in ICT in the future and to further advance economic growth in The Netherlands. dutch digital delta stimulates and initiates innovations in ICT for all sorts of (top)sectors.

The four D’s of digitization

dutch digital delta works with the so-called ‘four D’s of digitization’. Explained by René Penning de Vries: ‘Digitization is above all disruptive; it disturbs traditional chains and modelling. It is also deceptive; you do not see a development coming, but all of a sudden it does and it is prominent. It is delocalised; you walk around with mobile technology in your back pocket, bringing it with you everywhere and creating connections. Finally, it is democratised, because everyone can use it, apply it or set up a business with it.’

Collaboration, sharing knowledge, and funding

dutch digital delta is the platform that connects scientists and corporate businesses with each other and governments. Collaborations come into being, knowledge is shared and financing options are made available. Dutch Digital Delta stimulates public and private co-operations.

dutch digital delta for the entrepreneur!

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and several institutes have reserved € 40 million to accelerate ICT-innovation within the corporate world. Would you like to make use of this? Keep a close watch on this website for all the latest information.



"I invite everybody to actively participate in the dutch digital delta."

René Penning de Vries

"ICT has to continually renew itselff. So not only innovation with ICT, but also innovation of ICT."

Inald Lagendijk

"The corporate world proves how relevant and interesting technology trully is. dutch digital delta is a perfect testing ground for this.”

Ineke Dezentjé Hamming-Bluemink

“The online possibility's for entreperneurs are seemingly endless. You just have to grasp them!”

Ben Woldring

“Public-private cooperation on the issue of cybersecurity stimulates social and economic growth."

Gerben Edelijn

“The Ministry of Economic Affairs promotes a data driven economy which stimulates economic growth and helps resolve social challenges.”

Mark Bressers

"Strong digital infrastructures are the foundation for the digitalization of market and society"

Erik Fledderus

"The digitalization of the economy offers great opportunities for The Netherlands. We need to stimulate digital innovation throughout the key sectors."

Jeannine Peek





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