Action plan for ICT-challenges in The Netherlands


Action plan for ICT-challenges in The Netherlands


Action plan for ICT-challenges in The Netherlands


Action plan for ICT-challenges in The Netherlands


In order for The Netherlands to deal with the upcoming ICT-challenges, an ICT Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) 2016-2019 was compiled.

A special ICT team analyzed the KIA with an eye to what needs to happen within the next couple of years in the area of digital innovation in the following nine sectors; agriculture & food, chemistry, creative industry, high tech, horticulture, life & health sciences, logistics and water. 

List of challenges

The importance of ICT within society has grown exponentially over the last few years. To ensure that this continues to grow in the future, the KIA will be focussing on four main themes: a reliable and secure ICT, ICT for monitoring and control, ICT for a connected world and Big Data.

In addition to this analysis, the KIA is also a Plan of Action; a list of challenges that will be tackled within the following years and central themes in which innovative breakthroughs are required. The projects that are collected from this Plan of Action will form the national agenda for public and private ICT collaboration from 2016-2019. 

Action Lines

This infographic shows the four Action Lines emerge from the KIA ICT. For each of the four Action Lines, the back connection is made to the desired breakthroughs in the economic sectors and grand challenges. Also shown in the picture are the societal challenges relevant to the ICT progress in specific Action Lines for each sector. In this way the figure gives a concise representation of the cross-sectorial and pervasive nature of the KIA ICT. 

Cyber security

Important sectors within society are to a great extent dependant of ICT. Think of telecom, financial transactions and the energy sector. Critical infrastructure is therefore regularly threatened by the risk of cyber attacks. Today, more than ever, secure internet is in the spotlight. 

The ability to repel cyber attacks is a matter of national interest in ensuring Dutch digital sovereignty. Cyber security forms therefore the main theme of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda ICT 2016-2019.

Legacy coalition

The Institute of Supervision on Enterprise IT & Innovation (INSEIT) and NWO are exploring the possibility of creating an ICT Legacy Coalition in The Netherlands. The aim of this coalition is to develop methods through collaboration between business, ICT service providers and scientists in order to make a better assessment of ICT-legacy, and to analyse its inventory with the goal of making it more manageable. The outcome will be directly applicable to the business industry. The aim is to enhance the competitiveness of companies in the Netherlands by increasing the speed by which ICT systems are upgraded while simultaneously lower costs.

The following steps are set out to reaching a joint approach in getting an improved handling of critical IT infrastructure;

• Phase 1 – January 2016: exploring the possibility of setting up a Legacy Coalition and determining the participation level of individual parties. • Phase 2 – Spring 2016: assessment and enhancement of capabilities and needs of suppliers. • Phase 3  May 2016: technical professional conference. • Phase 4  June 2016: Board of director’s conference.

For more information on the Legacy Coalition please visit the website of NWO or send an email to 

Download the flyer: Legacy Coalitie


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