Introduction to The Dutch Blockchain Coalition


Introduction to The Dutch Blockchain Coalition


Introduction to The Dutch Blockchain Coalition


Introduction to The Dutch Blockchain Coalition


The Dutch Blockchain Coalition is a jointly developed partnership by industry, government and knowledge institutions. Together they have assumed a leading role and joint responsibility for the success of the Action Agenda of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

The need for a Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Blockchain is a young technology, which makes digital trust possible and establishes its own path on the hype cycle. We are in the initial phase and so we still need to discover where the actual possibilities lie and what the pitfalls are. The social, economic, technical and legal expertise in this area is still only present to a limited extent within specialised companies and at knowledge and research institutions. The importance of the best-known blockchain – Bitcoin – is, although conceptually brilliant, still relatively limited and there are currently no large-scale operational market implementations outside of the financial sector.

However, many exploratory initiatives are being realised in the Netherlands within industry, the government and knowledge institutions. Several initiatives are already approaching the prototype phase and are expected to be operational within several years. Both industry and government currently want and need to realise synergy between these initiatives, to facilitate the flexible use of these for more fundamental problems, and to consolidate and share the lessons learned. Among all parties we see a considerable willingness not only to collaborate on an intrasectoral and cross-sectoral basis and to further investigate such collaboration, but also to create coherency between policy, legislation, supervision, enforcement and implementation.

Conditions for reliable and socially acceptable blockchain applications

We are bringing these initiatives together in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, a public-private initiative of Team ICT, initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, under the programmatic label 'dutch digital delta'. Team ICT considers blockchain to be a potential source of trust, well-being, welfare and security for citizens, society and companies. The aim of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition is to create the conditions for reliable and socially acceptable blockchain applications.

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition focuses on the following lines of action:

- Development of blockchain building blocks: Digital Identities

- Realisation of conditions for the use of blockchain

- Development and realisation of the Human Capital Agenda

How to join the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

The coalition is permanently open for experts and stakeholders who want to make a contribution so that the coalition realises the maximum result. In this process, it will be continuously considered where the best match lies between the expertise offered and the interest of the programme, which should be viewed as a rolling agenda.

The collaboration is for a period of several years, can assume different working practices, and in mutual consultation will be harmonised with the possibilities and needs of the partners involved.

New partners can join by assuming one of the following roles:

  •  Key partnership
  •  Support partner
  •  Research partner
  •  Educational partnership

The required resources per role can be found in this document.

Key partners must suffice to both the financial as the in kind stated requirements for admission. Interested organisations can apply by sending an e-mail to The program bureau of the coalition will contact you within two working days.

Interested support, research and educational partners can send a proposal in which they highlight what their contribution and added value to the coalition will like to Proposals will be discussed and reviewed by the key partners, before the process of admission commences.

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